What is Software-Defined Network?

In this post, I will mention about Software Defined Networks (mostly we call it “SDN”). I think all computer or software engineers should know about computer communications/networks. After you create a software, if it is not local, your software need to communicate each other’s. So, I will explain more detail and most recent topic (SDN). I will put my references on last part of page for more detail.

Computer Networks has a large number of devices such as routers, switches, firewalls and other types. In last decade and following one, an exponential growth in the amount of traffic and data are major challenges will be also in future networks.

Network operators are responsible for functions such as configuring the network with policies, instructions and changes in these large scale networks. Modern network systems include integrated switches and routers provided special APIs which are produced by different vendors. Even the small network is tried to integrate with different network, configuration of this process takes several months, it is long right?

On the other hand, since 50 years, internet and infrastructure are settled. Therefore, the internet has become extremely hard to develop. It is called “Internet Ossification”. Vendors have hard situation to introduce new protocols or deployment. Actually, traditional networks handle all functions but they are so static and has management issues to be solved. Infrastructure should be more dynamic and responsive. So, researchers focus on these issues and start to design an innovative architecture of network can operable, programmable and efficient. Still there are many researches and papers to contribute SDN.

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