Yes, Who am I?

I am Bahadir Bal, software developer and live in Istanbul.

My aim to open this blog is that sharing my experiences and researches on software development. Sometimes only one script, explanation of term or one project can be helpful and let us go forward. I would also enjoy to talk and discuss with someone, so please write a comment or message if you have anything.

I’m also keen on travel, movies and also foods. Have a fun with my blog!

My Software Background

I started coding with C and then C++ then Java, after that I got the main idea of programming and it growth exponentially. Now, I am .NET developer but still searching what I learn more (Ruby, Python, Go etc..) This blog will includes all part of languages because the main idea is that you need to get the point (Philosophy) and then you can start coding by any of language according to your needs.

I also experienced with databases (both in Relational and non-Relational). I will also share what I learned and I am still learning.

What is My Education Life?

I graduated from Computer Engineering at Istanbul Technical University. I was not in honor list but it was not bad, I have learned the principles of computer engineering and I draw my life’s road. During period of university, I attended Work&Travel program in Ohio for 4 months, selling hot dog and lemonade (by shaking, haha). Then, one semester I went to Poland, Krakow for Erasmus. It was amazing, I totally suggest to exchange programs. Also, I participated Athens program that is also exchange for a week in different university to enroll one course that was in Telecom-ParisTech and the course name is “Major Trends in Information and Communication Networks”.

Now, I am studying Master program same university (ITU) and same department on computer networks (5G based Internet of Things) with Berk Canberk, Ph.D. I also share my research area on this blog.

How is My Business Life?

My career started at Innova in 2014 after graduation. I am always willing to learn new technologies and applied them into my projects and my company provides this completely.


This is my CV, if anyone wonder.